July 12, 2008


Dr Kerry Swanson

Department of Geological Sciences

University of Canterbury


from: http://probelog.com/span/

The use of forms from SEM imaging is prolific in today’s architectural schools and in cutting edge built structures. Dr Swanson’s seminar on his work using SEM and taxonomy emphasizes to me that these images are not just pretty forms to be copied into large scale architectural structures. Through taxonomy; the capturing, identifying and study of microscopic forms enlightens us of a whole new world. With only 2/3 of all species categorized, our knowledge of what is possible can still grow. This is not to find forms not yet conceived, but to understand how these forms work: the movement of a spider’s knee, the cutting barbs of a sand fly, the formation of a spider’s web.  The now possible three dimensional images with the understanding of why these shapes exist, can lead to meaningful architecture.