August 6, 2008


Kate Hewson

David Penman

University of Canterbury



Inspired talks by the world’s greatest thinkers and doers


The story of Stuff


One Planet Living – BioRegional Development Group and – World Wide Fund


Awakening the Dreamer Changing the Dream Symposium


Information on Building Sustainable, Dictionary Sustainable, Ecological Sustainability, and Economic Sustainability.


Sustainability in Christchurch, NZ


University of Canterbury, Sustainability




  1. Relationship between people
  2. Equality
  3. Long term view
  4. Ecological limits
  5. Precautionary principles
  6. Holism
  7. Collaboration



1.   Development always decreases biodiversity.

2.   Currently too much waste and pollution

3.   Currently too much use of resources. 30% more than is can be produced.

4.   What is our world view (paradigm)?

5.   What is our place in the world?

6.   Sustainability is in all areas and needs to be looked at as a whole to understand and solve.

7.   How we see the world is important to solve sustainability.

8.   Land change laws allow a lands use to be changed to fast without ecological consideration.

9.   How much of the economy is based on exotic (nonnative) animals and plants.

10. Need to take the data of the environment and put it to use into systems and procedures.

11. Our challenge is to put strategies into place.

12. “Green Washing” is to publicize one sustainable step a company has taken while the majority of what the company is doing is not sustainable.

13. Issues and Steps forward

a.      Water use and filtering

b.      Resources being used

c.      Transportation

d.      What we are teaching / researching

e.      How to inspire the community

14. Transitional Communities

a.      To transition from a community based on globalized oil use to relocalized society.

b.      Energy Independence

c.      Work collectively