August 8, 2008

Christchurch Polytechnic Institute of Technology


David Trubridge Design


  1. Following “Form Follows Function” produces design only lead by changing forms.
    1. The process for better living.
    2. Think of the process, not the product.
    3. i.e. Designing away of eating not designing a table.
  3. Design as message.
  4. Eco-Design has become business as usual with a green tinge.
  5. Our western lifestyle is directly influencing the strife around the world.
  6. It is not what we or how we are consuming, it is that we are consuming.
  7. How do we find away to keep the riches of our culture and cut our uses in half (or more)?
  8. Change must come from the bottom (people) to change the top (government) to change the bottom (people).