July 25, 2008



Grant Tavinor

Lincoln University

Presented at: University of Canterbury


Grant Tavinor



Videogames and Interactive Fiction



1.      There is a Fiction created within the video world for players to explore.

2.      In video unlike books, players get to contribute to the fiction by their movements and views.

3.      The player character is the center.

4.      The fictional world is smaller than the real world but still large.

5.      The action is a formal system with an objective.

a.      Set world

b.      Situational

c.      Fictional objective is to kill

d.      Emotions are dark.

6.      Games are about narratives.

a.      Narratives are become more interactive, more integrated with play.

b.      Interactive fictions and Interactive narratives

c.      Narratives of disclosure: disclosing portions as the game is played.

d.      Branching narratives: advise – take or not.

e.      Narratives are reflexive: freedom and morality.

7.      With Videogames becoming increasingly self-aware of their moral dimensions they can become art.