1.      Modern Age: Return architecture back to the column, the primitive hut (Frontispice to Essai sur l’architecture, 1753).








2.      “Form Follows Function” Louis Sullivan (Guaranty Building, Buffalo, N.Y., 1894)










3.      Use of the machine as a positive. (Ward Willets House, Highland Park, Ill, 1901)









4.      The house is a total work of art. (Dana House, Springfield, Ill, 1903)










5.      Smooth façade of horizontal bricks with the horizontal mortar joints racked out and vertical mortar joints are mortared flush and colored to match brick (Robie House, Chicago Ill, 1909).








6.       Center of French art Nuevo. (Villa Majorelle, Nancy, 1901)










7.      Use of concrete was reborn in the late nineteenth century. (Aircraft Hanger, Orly, 1916-24)










8.      A thicker window lattice is more stunning than a thin lattice.  (Notre Dame, Le Raincy, Paris, 1922-23)










9.      Will buildings that are not considered architecture today, be considered architecture tomorrow? i.e. industrial, technological. (Garage, rue Ponthieu, Paris, 1905-6)








10.  If a glass wall is to be designed, there must be something inside to look at. (Fagus Shoe Factory, Alfeld an der Leine, 1911)