11.  Big skylights should be used more often. (Esder Ready-Made Clothing Studio, Paris, 1919)




12.  Classical temple reinterpreted as an industrial building. (A.E.G. Turbine Factory, Berlin, 1909-10)









13.  Artistic attention is what makes art. i.e. utilitarian objects and factories. (Model Factory, Werkbund Exhibition, Cologne, 1914)









14.  The international style was considered a foreign style to the US at its beginnings. (Chicago Tribune Building, Chicago, 1922-25).









15.  Presence of the motor car is in all international style photos shows that objects that have a relational importance should be shown with the architecture (Bauhaus, Dessau, 1952-6)









16.  Architecture is just not a machine, but touches our emotions. (Citrohan House, 1919-20)









17.  Architecture is the bring together of mass and light. (Villa Savoye, Poissy, 1929-30)









18.  The use of natural forms but in a mass production of industrialization. (Savoy Vases, 1937)









19.  Forms of Finish landscape within the International style (Paimio Sanatorium, 1928-33)









20.  International style has a language used by one architect and then referenced by another architect. (High and Over, Amersham, Bucks., 1929-31)