21. The building excludes reference to the past, then places explicated copies of objects for the past. (High Point One, Highgate, London, 1935)









22. Attached the word “Functional” to a style.

      (Functional from Home Sweet Homes, London, 1939)


23. Elements in the building are objects from other industries. The car head light. (Lovell Health House, Los Angelse, California, 1927-9)









24. Rooted in the landscape verses above and not belonging to any particular landscape. (Kaufmann House, ‘Fallingwater’, Pa. 1936) (Villa Savoye, Poissy, 1929-30)








25. Wright was considered to have too much blood and soil expressing nature and connection to national identity. (Kaufmann House, ‘Fallingwater’, Pa. 1936)









26. International Style became International through publications, journals and the movement of architects. (Gropius House, Lincoln, Mass., 1938 )









27.  Falling water is International Style. (Kaufmann House, ‘Fallingwater’, Pa. 1936)









28.  Playing with positive and negative. (Multi-unit block for Dept. of Housing Construction, Wellington, 1939)


29.  Reducing the building to essential elements. (Farnsworth House, Plano, Ill, 1945-50)


30.  A building can be a manifesto and not be a livable space. (Farnsworth House, Plano, Ill, 1945-50)