Thom Mayne

Greenbuild Chicago

November 7, 2007


1.      Architecture is unique

a.       location

b.      urban circumstance

c.       historical context

d.      expression

2.      Green: our responsibility of how we use our resources.

3.      Where the building starts is not always about our resources.

a.       The court house is about icon, history, meaning and shaped by the narrative.

4.      LEED is about being prudent about design.

5.      There is no natural nature. All nature has been touched by man.

6.      Projects are shaped by the resources used.

7.      Within his designs skin and body are looked at not as a singular element.

8.      Double skins are used to reduce heat gain.

9.      Every element in the project has to work twice.

10.  The look of the building comes from ideas that are shaped by the architect.

11.  6 to 7.5 meters deep spaces are the maximum in Europe – day light.

12.  Architecture has both working elements and playful elements.

13.  First step is to make it small. Not only in size but in materials.

14.  Start the project with what is the problem before the design.

15.  Architecture, beauty, poetics, performance