Building and Construction Trade Exhibition

Christchurch New Zealand


New Zealand architectural building products shown at a the annual trade exhibition. Most products are Green and availble in the United States.


Aquatherm Plastic Pipe


Aquatherm is a plastic pipe systems for the potable water and heating sector including warm water floor heatings. Aquatherm greenpipe system is a  polypropylene fibre-composite pipes for potable water and heating installations. Since 2001 a special award entitles aquatherm to mark its fusiotherm® product with the brand “Product approved by Greenpeace“.



Strandboard Tongue and Groove is a high-density substrate, which blends practical and creative elements together for a variety of uses. Strandboard has superior strength, covers large areas, comes in 5 colors.



Woodpecker Pellet Boilers


Wood pellet boilers it is not the same as natural wood, but with a maximum water content of 10% and a high density, there is less storage space needed, lower transport costs, and higher boiler efficiency – around 90%. Sourcing a good supply of wood-chips is essential in terms of both quality and locality.

Rain Harvesting Systems


Marley have developed a range of rainwater products for Rain Filtration and Diversion preventing debris from entering your pipeline, First Flush Diverters

prevents the first flow of water from entering your water-tank, and Tank Improvement Products help to keep your tank water clean.

Clean Burn Furnaces


Clean Burn is a manufacturer of used-oil furnaces, used-oil boilers, and used-oil recycling centers that generate FREE HEAT from motor oils and petroleum based fluids commonly used in all types of internal combustion engines.

D+H Window Automation


D+H automatic ventilation controls offer a stimulating room atmosphere, which the user can control, lower energy consumption, reduction of installation and maintenance costs, and less CO² emissions.

Fordoors Sliding Doors


Manufacturer of hardware for cavity sliding doors and surface sliding doors to suit both residential and commercial applications.

Rehau Underfloor Heating


REHAU pioneered the design and manufacture of PEX piping for use in heating and plumbing systems.

John Guest Plumbing Systems


The Speedfit Underfloor Heating system has been designed for solid floor applications. and requires minimum of installation effort. Components include pipe, electrical controls, fixing systems, manifolds,   UFH network control components.

Escea Gas Fireplaces


Escea fireplaces make a dramatic statement of style and luxury in a truly modern living space.

Superform Building Block


Superform Building Systems units are molded of high insulation rated flame retardant expanded polystyrene. The expanded polystyrene forms are interlocking, self aligning, extremely light and simple to place.