1.   If only elements of a new style is plugged into a traditional style, you get mush. (N.Z. Woollen Co. Building, Lichfield Street, Christchurch, 1917)








2.   A prominent winner of an architectural competition can consolidate architectural style for a period of time. (Chicago Tribune Building, Chicago, 1922-25)








3.   Within architecture there is a conflict of timeless design of traditional and the local expression of current thoughts and design. (Auckland War Memorial Museum, Auckland, 1922-28)








4.   Design can have progressive qualities while still within a required or expected traditional style. (University of Auckland, Old Arts Building, 1921-26)









5.   When the norm is the use of a traditional style (neo Gothic), there is an acceptance of the use of other traditional styles to establish a separate vocabulary for other distinctive building types. (First Presbyterian Church, Invercargill, 1914-15), (Civic Theatre, Queen Street, Auckland, 1927-9)










6.   Interpretation of a style from a source that is interpreting the style from a source that is interpreting the style form a source . . ., is like playing telephone. (Weston House, Park Terrace,  Christchurch, 1923-24)