1. Concepts are geometric. Built solutions are organic. (Group of Slumless, Smokeless Cities, from Tomorrow, 1898) (Plan of Letchworth, 1911)










  3. When looking at urban plans, it is interesting to see what the designer considers important within a city. (Plan Voisin, Paris, 1925) (Broadacre City, plan of centre from When Democracy Builds, 1945









  5. Control of style by political leaders can take design forward or backward. (Palace of Soviets, competition design, 1932)





  1. Architecture to reduce the human to insignificance compared to the State. (Frunze Military Academy, Moscow, 1935-7) (Zeppelinfeld Stadion, Nuremberg, 1939)





  1. Classic proportions with modern language ((Casa del Fascio, Como, 1933-36)