1. Architecture needs a single idea to guide the design. Not a functional box with a form wrapped around it. (Te Papa Tongarewa / Museum of New Zealand, 1992-98)
  2. The meaning of the symbolism must be kept or the reinterpretation explicitly understood. (Te Papa Taongarewa / Museum of New Zealand, 1992-98)

  4. Break away from traditional perception of what is the building icon. (Christchurch Railway Station, 1997)




  6. Box with a decorative façade. (Christchurch Art Gallery, 200-2003)




  8. Chaos. (Commerce Building, University of Canterbury, 1995-98)




  10. Sober. (Math/Computer Science Building, University of Canterbury, 1995-98)




  12. The difficulty of modern program into the traditional icon through a creative solution that is identifiable with the icon yet is not a direct copy of the past icon form. (Te Matauranga Maori, Chirstchurch Polytechnic, 1993-96)


  14. Heritage is not only for ancient cultures to be viewed by people of leisure.

  16. Preservation of only parts leaves a fragment view / experience. (Hays Department Store, Upper Riccarton, 1960)

  18. . Preservation should be looked at the effects on the experience, view, environment and culture. Not the buildings aesthetics. (Commerce Building, Hereford Street, Christchurch, 1939)

  20. . Heritage can be post World War II. (State Insurance Building, Wellington, 1939-40)

  22. . Should the economic value of the historic craftsmanship that is being destroyed be evaluated in comparison to the value of the new construction?