1. Take a prominent architecture and make it bigger and do you get even more meaning than the original? (Volkshalle, Berlin, 1937-40, model)




  3. A monument / memorial to grand tragedy should contrast the tragedies grand scale. (Monument aux martyrs de la déportation, Paris, 1962)
    Late Modern architecture placed too much emphasis on engineering than the art.



  5. Fantasy architecture is to shut out the modern world – to escape and retreat. (San Simeon, Ca., main building, 1922-26)




  7. Why not Spanish? No more insane than gothic in 1916. (Auckland Grammar School, Auckland, 1916)




  9. Representation from movies created the understanding of styles from overseas. (New Regent Street, Christchurch, 1922-24)

  11. The great game of classicism created a new building type. What is the game of today? (New Regent Street, Christchurch, 1931)

  13. The judge of architecture: resolution of corners, how the building meets the ground, how the building transitions to the sky. (Dilworth Building, Auckland, 1925-27)




  15. Stripping of classicism to modern. (Folger Shakespeare Library, Washington D.C., 1932) (National Museum and Art Gallery, Wellington, 1930-37)




  17. Art deco is modern that includes traditional practice of communication – the decoration. (Hoover Factory, Perivale, London, 1932)




  19. . Streamline Moderne is a subset of Art Deco. (Pan-Pacific auditorium, Los Angeles, Ca., 1935)