1. The historic president of tall buildings is the cathedral. So best style for skyscrapers is Gothic. (Woolworth Building, New York, 1911-13)




  3. Exposed technology to touch. (Maison de Verre, Paris, 1928-32)




  5. Brutalism. (Roehampton Housing Estate, London, 1952-59)




  7. Lost of faith in traditional symbols. (Notre Dame Du Haut, Ronchamp, 1950-55)




  9. The movement of cultural centers becoming the focal building type over churches is a statement of the shift of society’s values. (Philharmonic Hall, Berlin, 1956-63)




  11. Least amount of impact within the garden of the desert. Retaining the markings on rocks of glyphs of people that lived in the location before. (Taliesin West, Scottsdale, Arizona, Begun 1937)



  13. The control of people and the movement does not always coincide with the architect’s intent. (Guggenheim Museum, New York, 1943-59)
  14. Space enclosed within space (Guggenheim Museum, New York, 1943-59)



  16. A style that of an iconic building links the style’s meaning for future buildings. (United Nations Building, New York, 1947-53)




  18. “God is in the details” or “God is the control of the details”. (Lake Shore Drive Apartments, Chicago, Ill., 1948-51)