April 1, 2009

Wolf Prix in conversation with Jeffrey Kipnis

Wexner Center for the Arts





Wexner Center for the Arts



From Wexner Center for the Arts Web SiteComments from Wolf Pix intermingled with my own thoughts. 

  • Remove architecture from Earth.
  • Be realistic. Make the impossible possible.
  • It takes a long time to change architecture. It takes a longer time to make radical changes in architecture.
  • My role model is Keith Richard – the influence of music. Architecture must have influence from outside architecture.
  • Architecture influenced by architecture is stagnant.
  • Architecture may not be able to change the world, but architects have to have a mission. Otherwise architecture is just building.
  • Give them something to bite.
  • If clients have not seen it built, they do not want to follow. But architects must say it is buildable.
  • Success: public attraction, meeting point, public space.
  • The new interpretation of public space includes buildings owned by private entities that have public space within them. You can walk through without having to buy anything.
  • Private entities have public interest.
  • An architect’s language is from his culture. Architecture is not international. French Gothic becomes English Gothic – Gothic with English influences.
  • The number of people that experience a building is like the number of people the read a book. Not like the number of people that see a movie.
  • Architectural design process must advance with technology.
  • Computerized fantasy can be built if the young architects can convince the building community that these creative shapes can be built.
  • If architects only think in architectural terms, only buildings with be produced.
  • Events of the time influenced architectural design: space and astronauts.
  • Working with the subconscious is the most important thin in design.
  • Start design with no constraints: economic, constructability.
  • Materialization of Architecture. You cannot stay in the abstract.
  • Must believe and convince the building community that nothing is impossible.
  • Do not design for the objective of being green; environment conservation is within all design.