April 8, 2009

COSI Columbus Ohio

Information intermingled with my own thoughts.


Syscom Advanced Materials, Inc

AmberStrand is a new metal clad polymer fiber that is electrically conductive. The flexible fiber is currently has experimental use in Aerospace Applications. Further applications are being developed with Electronic Textiles. Future architectural applications I could see include use in portable structures that require electrical systems to be folded into compact areas for transport, electronic systems integrated within the complex curvilinear walls now being designed, heating curtains hung within a space that can be relocated to provide heat only in areas required.



EcoEndore offers products from 100% recyclable polypropylene – made from plants. The plastics can be clear to an array of translucent colors. Current packaging materials include CD Rom sleeves, clear envelopes, and binders. I look forward to future products for the architectural applications such as wall and ceiling materials.



Algaeventure has developed a Systems Harvester that dewaters and dries algae making it economically viable to use algae for fuel. Developing this into a harvester where industries and even communities could grow and produce their own fuel would further efforts for local sustainable environments.


Columbus NanoWorks

Columbus NanoWorks (CNW) has expertise in synthesis of magnetic nanoparticles. One innovation creates a fluid that is magnetic.