Repower America

  1. repowerEnergy Policy
    1. Is an Environmental and Economical issue
      1. Choices
      2. Pollution
      3. Government Subsidies
        1. Petroleum
        2. Ethanol
        3. Some to Solar and wind
    2. Tax credits
    3. While we are in the free market but the US government of influence through multiple policies.
    4. But there is no single Energy Policy
    5. Government unspoken policy is to get the cheapest energy possible to support industry.
    6. Waxman’s bill
      1. Cap and Trade
    7. Ohio passed an
      1. RPS, renewable portfolio standard
    8. 2025 25% must be clean sources, of that 12% alternative sources.
    9. 37% states have small wind power incentives
    10. Done through pay back through energy back to grid.
    11. Policy is based on jobs not environments.
  2. Watts Works
    1. http://www.wattworks.com
    2. Role is to avoid energy – energy efficiency.
    3. Energy is a society cost, not just dollars on our bill.
    4. Must make an investment
      1. Look at long term economics
      2. Look at carbon foot prin
      3. Maintenance of systems are more technical.
        1. Local jobs
      4. Ways
        1. LEED lights
        2. Computers (chips) controlling lights through sensors.
        3. SmartGrid
          1. The process of having the utility and the user interact.
          2. Making time of use part of billing and feedback.
            1. 7 sites in Westerville.
  3. DoveTail
    1. http://www.dovetailsolar.com
    2. Federal 30% investment tax credit and expansion
    3. Federal incentives.
    4. Ohio renewable energy credits for residential
    5. Ohio renewable power standard:  ½% of power by 2025 by Public Utility Companies.
    6. Federal government looking at establishing renewable power standard.
    7. Senate Bill 221 for Ohio
      1. Gave Manufacturers a reason to put their plants in Ohio to provide the products for Green energy
      2. 22% efficacies for customers
    8. Encourage American Clean Energy Act.
  4. Blue Green Alliance
    1. http://www.bluegreenalliance.org
    2. A combination of 6 unions and 2 organizations of similar interest of protecting the environment and jobs.
    3. This moment in History of what the future will look like.
    4. Passing legislation that will bring back good jobs.
      1. Jobs with benefits and good salaries.
    5. Climate Change Effect
      1. Hunting
    6. Counties in Ohio with 15% unemployment. Energy jobs reopen plants.
    7. Most of the wind turbines are built from China
    8. All CFL bulbs are made over sees, plus have mercury.
    9. The Alliance shows groups can come together.
    10. Jobs in the State
      1. Dayton, COBA, batteries for hybrid cars
      2. Pennsylvania, Supply blades for wind turbines
  5. Questions
    1. Two classes of wind turbine
      1. Business: 120’ towers
      2. Do not like to put wind turbines on top of buildings because of vibration.
    2. Solar Panels
      1. 30% – 40% decrease of cost in the last year.
      2. Increase incentives
      3. Business payback 3 – 4 years
      4. Residential – 5 to 6 years
      5. Panels last 20 to 40 years
      6. Utility rates will go up.
    3. Sun never sends you a bill.
    4. What training / education is needed
      1. Trades: Installation apprenticeship on the job.
      2. It is the materials you use.
      3. It is the design (buildings, use of materials).
      4. Not a green degree, but thinking of it within you education.
    5. A proposed bill: all schools are to be solar ready.
    6. Barry Commoners Book so
    7. Breeder reactors, clean coal: is this clean technology?
      1. Repower America is renewable energy.
    8. Bill in the Federal Government
      1. Standards for renewable
      2. Nuclear is not in the House bill
      3. Coal is in the House bill
    9. Ohio Bill does include all types of energy
    10. Types of Solar Power
      1. Solar Thermal is making hot water.
        1.  Copper tube panels
      2. Solar Voltaic is electricity.
        1.  Wires
      3. Solar Power Cooling systems are on the horizon.
    11. Passive SolarWindows
      1. Orientatio
      2. Thermal Mas
    12. Batteries are the weakest link
      1. Not with commercial
      2. For critical items for when the power goes down regularly.
      3. Expensive
      4. Big
      5. Last 10 years
    13. AEP is putting in smart meters they are working toward green.
    14. It is not about power, it is about waste.