RenderSpec creates CAD content of manufacturers’ products for CAD/BIM software packets.

I have worked with architects and product manufacturers to develop a format for the CAD content that represents your product best to designers and architects.  RenderSpec CAD Material Files include:

  • Rendering Appearance Image showing the products color, texture, reflectivity, transparency, and cut-outs for rendering in computer models.
  • Imbedded Product Data providing manufacturer name, web address, product name and number, MasterFormat number, product size and finish, fire class, industry standards, recyclable content, and more.

With the fact that materials play such an important role in Green Building and Design (LEED), the ease of use of the CAD Material Files is a huge advantage in the Green Design arena. RenderSpec’s CAD Material Files makes it possible for Architects and Interior Designers to render exterior and interior scenes with actual manufacturers’ products.  And then with the same CAD/BIM model, they create schedules, material take-offs and material estimated cost.

Products will be advertised with the CAD Material Files being distributed worldwide on Autodesk Seek website Arkitīps will upload the CAD Content Files to the Autodesk Seek website providing your product with searchable indexing of products and free downloads of your product’s CAD Content Files. RenderSpec’s CAD Content Files provides you with an economic way to get your product out to the design community.